How to use Skills

If you are using Skills with a Seesaw for Schools subscription, please find more information about setting up and managing Schoolwide Skills here.

With Seesaw Skills, you can keep track of what skills or standards your students are working towards. Additionally, you can assign a star rating (out of 3, 4, 5, or 6 stars, depending on your class settings) for each student post or Activity response tagged with a Skill to get a real-time understanding of how students are progressing. 

To create a Skill or tag a Skill to a post, click here for instructions!

Once you have added Skills to a class and tagged at least one Skill to a post in the class, you can use the Skills View in the Progress feature from a web browser. To do this, tap the graduation cap icon and then select Skills View.


Please note: families and students will NOT see the Progress Skills View or be able to tell which Skills their children have been tagged in. You can, of course, choose to share that information with families during parent-teacher conferences if that would be helpful in sparking meaningful conversation!



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