How do I manage and archive Skills?

Managing skills:

Skills are shared across all of your classes so you only need to add skills once and you can use them across any class that you are a teacher on.

We only display Skills that have been tagged with a class' designated grade level. For example, teachers for Kindergarten classes can only see Kindergarten Skills.

If you’d like your skills to be displayed for classes in all grades, change your skills to be available to 'All' classes.

  1. Tap your Profile Icon.
  2. Tap Manage Class.
  3. Tap Manage Skills.
  4. Tap on a Skill.
  5. Tap Edit in the top right corner.
  6. Change Grade to 'All'.
  7. Tap the green check mark again to save.

You can edit the Skills Stars on an item by tapping the graduation cap icon at the bottom of an item > tap the number of stars you want.

To archive a skill:

1. Tap the wrench icon

2. Tap 'Manage skills'.

3. Tap 'Archive skill'.

If you have items tagged with this skill, the skill will not disappear from the Skills View Grid. You will need to untag all items and then archive the skill to remove it completely from your view. We do not have a faster way to fully delete a skill at this time.

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