About Seesaw for Schools

Seesaw for Schools is our solution for implementing Seesaw school- or district-wide.

With Seesaw for Schools, portfolios follow students for their entire career at a school so it’s possible to track progress over time and build a complete record of learning. Comprehensive portfolios are easily accessible to administrators, teachers, students, and families.


Teachers also get upgraded features including additional co-teachers, private notes and folders, Skills for formative assessment, and Progress to keep track of student Activities and Skills mastery. And families benefit from a more streamlined experience as well, with seamless access to their child’s work from prior years.


Seesaw for Schools provides administrators an instant overview of what students are learning, progress towards standards, and real-time data to measure family engagement - admins can even leave comments on work to encourage student achievement!


And finally, Seesaw for Schools gives your technology department centralized setup and management over teacher and student accounts, including bulk roster upload and sync options.


Learn more on our website, or download a brochure.


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