Schoolwide Skills templates

We have created Skills templates for a number of curricula. Make a copy of the Skills template that you would like to use, and follow the Import Instructions to import those Skills to your school!


Alberta Curriculum Template

Arkansas Academic Standards Template

Australian National Curriculum Template

CA ELD Standards Template

CA Preschool DRDP Standards

CA SLD Standards Template

Colorado Academic Standards Template

Early Years Learning Framework Australia Template

Georgia Academic Template

Illinois KIDS Assessment Template

Illinois Standards 

Indiana Curriculum Template

Iowa Core Standards

ISTE Student Template

Massachusetts State Standards Template

Maryland Standards Template

Minnesota Academic Standards Template

Missouri Learning Standards

National Arts Standards

NC Standard Course of Study

Nebraska Academic Standards

New Zealand National Curriculum Template

Next Generation Science Standards Template

Northern Territory Preschool Curriculum and Assessment Template

NSW Template

NY State Standards

Oklahoma Academic Standards

Ohio Learning Standards

Ontario Canada Template

Oregon Skills Template

Pennsylvania Curriculum Template

PYP Template

Saskatchewan Curriculum Template

Scotland Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)

Seesaw Skills (Soft Skills, Digital Citizenship) Template

Social Emotional Learning Template

South Carolina Template

TEKS Template

UK National Curriculum FS1 & FS2 Template

UK National Template

US Common Core Template

Seesaw Skills (Soft Skills, Digital Citizenship) Template

Victorian National Curriculum Template

Virginia Standards of Learning

Wales Curriculum Template

Welsh National Curriculum Template

Western Australia Curriculum Template

Wisconsin Academic Standards

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