Getting Started with Messages for Teachers

🌟 In July 2022, all Seesaw customers will be upgraded to the new Seesaw Messages experience. Messages allows for ongoing communication with students and families that builds a positive environment to support student learning, with trust and safety in mind.

Administrators personalize the Messages experience for your school by determining who administrators, teachers, students, and family members can create messages with.

💡 Ask your administrator what settings they have chosen for your school.
*For Seesaw Basic classes, Messages supports teacher-initiated announcements and conversations with families, as well as full-class announcements to students.

Choose a Message Type

Announcements member names are hidden and they cannot reply in a message thread. Use them for:

  • Newsletter and classroom reminders to families for things such as field trips, days off, or to provide additional learning resources that can be used at home.
  • Whole class reminders and celebrations to students


Conversations can be 1:1 or Group Messages. Use them for:

  • Discussing student progress with a student and family member/s
  • Connecting groups of students to facilitate discussion or group work
Create and Send an Announcement or Conversation
  1. Tap the Messages icon in your Seesaw class.1.png
  2. Tap Create New.
  3. Select New Announcement or New Conversation.3.png
  4. Select an individual or group of individuals to send message to, or select Add Classes to send messages to groups of teachers, students, and/or family members.
    1. individual recipients for 1:1 message
    2. numerous recipients for a customized group
    3. Add Classes for an entire class4.png
Make Your Content More Engaging
Users are able to add multimedia attachments to any message using Seesaw’s Creative Tools.

When composing a message, tap the green +Add button to add an attachment.


The Creative Tools view will appear, and you'll be able to upload a file, attach a photo or video, write a note, share a link, or use the Creative Canvas to draw and annotate a picture!

See Who Has Viewed Your Message
Tap on Seen By if you would like to see who has viewed your message.

Check out our Messages Quick Start Guides!


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