Google Drive, Dropbox Integration on Android

You can now add work created using Google apps like Docs, Slides or Sheets, directly into Seesaw portfolios! Seesaw will automatically convert files into PDFs for easy viewing, or just pull in photo or video files stored on any cloud service, like Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Say goodbye to messy link sharing and problems with connected families not being able to view files—Seesaw and Google can now work together seamlessly in your classroom!


Here's how to use the Add File tool on Android: 

  1. Tap on the green + to add a new item to Seesaw.
  2. Tap on the File button. Using File, you can add files stored on many cloud services, like Google Drive, Dropbox and more, directly into Seesaw. These apps must be installed on your device to use them with Seesaw.
  3. Android defaults to the most recently used folder. To select a different folder or location on your device, tap the menu list button (3 lines button) in the top right corner. 
  4. We support adding Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, plus any images or videos you have stored in Google Drive or Dropbox! If it can be added into Seesaw, the file icon will be colored.
  5. Tap the file you want to add.
  6. Seesaw will automatically convert Docs, Slides or Sheets file into a PDF, and then you’ll be taken to the annotation screen. You can add a text caption. 
  7. Because the file has been converted to a PDF, everyone will be able to view it in the journal, even if they don’t have Google apps installed on their device or access to your Google Drive. This is great for connected families! If you have photos saved to Google Drive or Dropbox for example, you’ll see all of the photo annotation options. Drawing, labels, voice and caption, just like if you added it from the camera roll! 
  8. To view a PDF that you’ve added into Seesaw from the journal view, just tap on it to expand, then you can browse all of the pages. Students and families will also be able to do this!
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