School Dashboard: The Overview Tab

Welcome to the Seesaw for Schools dashboard! 

Seesaw’s School Dashboard gives you insight into your school, and allows you to centrally manage all of the classes, teachers and students using Seesaw at your school.  

Weekly Stats: Here you can see the number of new posts, likes, comments and parent visits in your school. Use School Overview stats section to quickly understand what is happening in your school each week.

Recently Added: Here you will see the new student work in your school. You can page through these posts and even leave a like or comment to engage with the students at your school!

Admin Tools: We’ve made it easy to find all of the frequently used admin tools in one spot. You can:

  • Edit School Settings
  • Bulk Import Rosters
  • Archive Old Classes
  • Send Activation Emails
  • Assign Missing Student IDs

School Settings: Click on the gear icon at the top right of every page to access your School Settings. In school settings you can add additional administrators to your school. Add principals, tech coordinators, IT and other school admins to your Seesaw Dashboard so they can all support your Seesaw roll out. All administrators have full access to your Seesaw school dashboard and can modify your school's data. In School Settings, you can also Manage Default Class Settings to set school wide standards of key Seesaw settings, manage Teacher Access to Portfolio History, and view your Subscription Information.

Classes, Teachers, Students, Skills and Analytics Tabs: We have tabs for each of the main areas of data you want to manage for your school. Classes, Teachers, Students, Skills and Analytics. We have videos that go in depth into what you can do in each of these tabs, check those out next!

Your Account Settings: To manage your own account settings, like your display name, profile photo and notifications settings, click on your profile icon, the gear icon, then account settings.

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