School Dashboard: The Analytics Tab

Use the Analytics tab to measure tech use and parent engagement at your school! 

With Seesaw Analytics you can measure:

  • Total Items
  • Weekly Items
  • Weekly Feedback
  • Weekly Parent Engagement

With Seesaw Analytics you can understand if and when your students and teachers are using the technology resources you’ve invested in. Use this data to show that your school is getting the most out of your technology investment as a whole.   

You can also understand in real-time if you’re meeting your parent engagement goals for your school and understand Seesaw’s impact on improving the home-school connection at your school.

Watch our professional development session all about using this tab! This 1-hour session will show you how to get the most out of your Seesaw investment. We'll cover how to measure Seesaw usage, simple ways to create community through Seesaw, inviting parents, and using Seesaw Analytics.

Thursdays at 12 pm PDT. Register!


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