School Dashboard: The Classes Tab

The classes tab will show you all of the classes in your school.

You can create a new class, or use our Bulk Import Rosters to create many classes at once. If you’re creating more than just a single class, we suggest you use the Bulk Roster Import option.

You can see the class name, the teachers on the class, grade level of the class, and some class stats like items, parent visits, enrolled students and connected parents.

To create a new class, click on the New Class button. 

To search for a class, type in the class or teacher name in the search bar.

To edit a class, hover on it and choose Manage Class button on the right hand side. From Manage Class you can add or remove teachers, add or remove students and change class settings.

To visit a class and see what they are working on, just click on the Class Name.

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