How do I create a staff or teacher professional development class in Seesaw for Schools?

To create a Seesaw class for your teacher team to use for professional portfolios, please follow these instructions. 

1. Create a copy of the Seesaw for Schools Roster Import Template

2. Build out the template for your "faculty class" with the following fields: 

Teacher: Your name (or another school administrator)
Teacher Email: Your email  
Class Name: School Name Faculty. Ex: Oakhills Elementary Faculty
Grade Level: Other 
Sign in Mode: Google or Email.
Student Name: Teacher full name.
Student ID: Teacher email address.
Student Email: Teacher email address.
Student Password: If Google, leave this blank. If email, set the teacher's email passwords if you have them or set a temporary password that can be changed after they first sign in*.
Co-Teacher(s): Add any additional admins as needed.

Use the faculty email addresses as both the email address and the 'student' ID. This way, teachers can sign in as a student on any computer or device. 

3. Import the "Faculty Class" Roster CSV from the Classes tab of your admin dashboard.  

4. Adjust Class Settings: You'll want to turn OFF settings like item approval, comment approval, etc. and turn ON "'Students' can see other 'Students'" work, copy and edit ON so ideas can flow without approval each time. Go into the Classes tab, then hover on the class name, then hit Manage Class to change these key settings. 

5. Teachers Sign in as "Students": Teachers can switch between their teacher and student on the web by clicking their profile icon > blue gear icon > switch to. If using a Seesaw app, they will need to sign out / back in to switch between being a teacher or student. *After teachers sign in, they can change their password if needed by clicking on their profile icon > gear icon > Account Settings. 


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