What do I do if a student leaves my school?

Students who have left your school during the school year will be set to inactive when you run next school year’s import. Since they won’t be associated with a class, we’ll prompt you to ‘set x number of students to inactive’ and adjust your license numbers. If you are within 5-10% fluctuation throughout the year, no big deal. We understand how school enrollments work!

Setting a student to inactive doesn’t delete any of their data on the chance they might return. We want them to be able to pick back up creating content through the same Seesaw Student ID.

Your Seesaw for Schools subscription includes storage of all data for students past and present. When a student leaves your school, all connected parents continue access since you have a Seesaw for Schools account.

Parents can download a .zip file at any time, even after the student leaves your school. Parents can also access all approved items at and in their Seesaw parent apps. Email and Google sign in students can also now download a .zip archive of their own work in Account Settings. It is the same format that parents see. Profile (top left) > Gear icon > Account Settings > Download Journal Archives.

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