Will things be different for teachers at my school after we get Seesaw for Schools?

Teachers will continue their classroom use of Seesaw without interruption as you transition into Seesaw for Schools! You can bring over all existing courses to your new Seesaw for Schools Account, then assign these students a Seesaw ID. There is no change for your students who move to Seesaw for Schools!

When teachers add a new student to their class, they will now need to include the Seesaw Student ID. It’s important that your teachers use the same ID structure you’ve used with all Seesaw students to ensure their data connects year to year, class to class. Here's how to add a student to a class.

Teachers will also now get access to great new features with Seesaw for Schools, like: 

- Skills View
- Private Teacher Folder
- Private Teacher Notes

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