I completed my roster upload and now I have duplicate classes! What do I do?


When you uploaded your school roster template, we connected all teachers with existing accounts to their school email addresses. Then, we moved those teachers, classes and students over to your school account so we didn't miss any piece of student data.

If you want your student portfolios from free Seesaw to be linked with their portfolio in Seesaw for Schools, you will need to associate their unique student ID with the data from their free account. HERE are step by step instructions for you to follow for this transition process

You can also archive one of the classes if you're seeing duplicates.

**Here's how**: sign in as an Admin at \> click on the All Classes tab \> click the blue Manage Class button next to the class name to archive \> click archive class at the bottom of the menu.

Don't forget to check out the Seesaw for Schools Success plan Here for additional information about getting your school set up, like importing additional class rosters, hosting PD with your teachers and more!

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